Got Some Questions?


  1. What is Online TV?  
    Here at Soulbeat TV we have moved from a local access channel in the 1980-90s and gone 100% online! That being said, with smart wifi connected TVs, you can watch our shows via the Vimeo app. Click here to learn more and contact us for questions.

  2. What shows do you feature ?
    Currently we are featuring Spotlight On The Bay, a Bay Area focused artist and local music show that will spread into community events and other related local content. If you have a show you would like us to feature, please read our Got Soul page and email us your ideas!

  3. What about artists licensing ?
    We offer musical artists an EPK, electronic press kit to help build your bookings and business. Head over to Spotlight On The Bay website to learn more.

  4. Are you going back to Local Television?
    As more people watch our shows and we rebuild our audience up, we will reach out to local access stations like Comcast (the original company) to host SoulBeat TV. For now you can watch all our shows here and online with Vimeo apps!

  5. What about Licensing, Rights and Usage?
    We get prior approval from the live venues we work in and the artists we video in advance. Learn more about our rights, licensing and usage here.

  6. How can I add my show or series to Soulbeat?
    We welcome your original content to feature onto our channel, please visit Got Soul page and email us samples of your work to:

Have more questions... hit us up on social media or email us!